If you look in the dictionary for a definition of a gad it says “go around from one place to another, in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.”

But then if you google ‘what is a gad’ most of the posts on page 1 talk about ‘generalized anxiety disorder’.

Well both can apply to business. To build a business you need to go around from one place to another and business should be fun so at least part of the goal should be the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.

And then there are certainly anxious moments in business. It may well be due to disorder but hopefully does not become a disorder if you follow what I mean. But anxiousness goes hand in hand with business particularly when cash flow is tight and you have a payroll coming up.

If you again look at the dictionary, a tramp is defined as “a person who travels from place to place on foot in search of work or as a vagrant or beggar.”

If you are willing to start a business then you will probably have to go from place to place looking to build your business, but we do not want you to become a vagrant or beggar as a result.

So the Gad Tramp Blog will bring you information that will hopefully help you on the road to success, Stay tuned for articles and resources that can help you in your business.